All about Elizabelle…

Howdy!!  I’m Elizabeth.  I live in Texas.  I actually do have the ability to speak in more complex sentences as evidenced here.  I am a teacher by day, tv junkie by night, and aspiring author by weekend (seriously, I am going to HAVE to acknowledge Barnes and Noble and Starbucks in my dedication).  I love sports of most kinds, I even coach a few- volleyball and basketball to be exact.  I don’t actually like basketball…. that’s an awkward thing for a coach to say, I know.  I really don’t love the game, but I do love coaching my 8th grade girls.  I love movies and Studio Movie Grill Groupon $5.00 passes.  I have a fabulous sister and 5 of the cutest children you will ever meet are my very own neices and nephews.  I love Jesus and owe my life to Him.  My earthly dad, the super-amazing John J. Clark, gets to hang out with Jesus on a daily basis, so I am effectively jealous of both of them.  Luckily, my faith is strong and one day we’ll all get to party together again:)

BTW, that handsome man is my youngest nephew John Clark Hoffman. We call him Clarkie and he calls us Ppfffppft. It's okay, he only 4 months old.


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