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Writer’s Block

6 Nov

Well, just by starting this entry I’m contradicting the title, huh?  I have all these thoughts in my head, but when I try to organize them and crank out a coherent post, I’m at a loss.  This is partly the explanation for my 2 year absence.  Every time I thought about blogging I just couldn’t.  Remember that book I wrote?  It’s still sitting on a flash drive (and on the hard drive of my old laptop)  waiting for me to DO SOMETHING with it.  Sometimes I think the stories in my head, which are numerous, are gold mines.  Then I remember that I am in the “middle” of a trilogy of which only the first book has been written and not even shopped to publishers or formatted for kindle because I have no idea what to do or how to do it and I don’t want to write chapter summaries for like, 34 chapters and I can’t get past chapter 3 of the second book even though I totally know the events that need to happen and I know how it will end and if I can’t get through this book how am I going to finish the trilogy and I can’t start on a new topic until Sunny Flannigan gets her due which is an end to this trilogy and then I think that I can’t blog when I have so much other writing that really needs to get done but my head hurts so maybe I’ll just watch Netflix instead….

But then, someone inevitably asks me about the book that I wrote 2 YEARS AGO and whether they can expect to see it in print anytime in the next decade and a feeling of mortification washes over me because I have done nothing to further the cause of my dear protagonist, Sunny.  Her story needs to be heard.  Her story needs to be written.  Her story is amazing (though fictional) and involves cross-country moves and cheerleading tryouts and country clubs and debutante balls and relationships with family members and relationships with Jesus.  I can’t even handle how much I love this girl, and yet I can’t find the motivation (or maybe the courage) to take the steps to tell her story.

So that’s where I’m at.  I need a plan. I need a plan to get the ball moving on this whole thing.  I found ways to get the book written.  I made the time necessary to actually write the book.  I think somehow I have to find the time necessary to get it out there.  Sunny is too good to live forever inside of my old MacBook.