One day short of a full week of school… yay Friday!!

31 Aug

As promised I took pictures of my room at school.

More importantly, after 2 days running a regular schedule I have decided that this group of 8th graders is about as awesome as they come.  For serious.  I don’t know that I will feel this way every single day so today I made something.  It is a sheet of paper that reads:

“These kids….”

Are totally awesome!

Follow procedures really well!

Are well-behaved and do their homework!!

Then I dated it, and any time I feel down on these kids I’m going to look at it and remind myself that they are COMPLETELY capable of doing the right thing and I just have to be firm and stick with the program.

Okay, here are the pictures of my classroom.

This is from the door to my classroom. Note the window… there’s a close up later. Note the bulletin board. 2 boys in my Advisory (homeroom) put the whole thing up!

Okay, this is standing at the front of my room. In the picture, the door is just to the right of the American flag. Check out my Homework that like, 90% of my studnets completed!! WOO-HOOOOOO!!!  Oh and my presidents board topper!

CABINETS!!!! I almost hyperventilate just thinking about them! Also underneath the Texas flag is my technology cart thing. It stores TONS of devices which I am apparently getting tomorrow or something…

Ohmygosh. My favorite thing EVER! The amazing blue/green/teal wall. It is just so pretty! Also, eventually there are going to be small white boards on either side of my Activboard which is why there is nothing in that empty space. Oh and the perspective is from the back of the room next to the bookcase.

My command center. It’s hard to say what my favorite part is…. no it isn’t. It’s the multi-colored drawers next to the mini-fridge. I love them!

From my desk, looking out the door.

My window. The flag…. thing… whatever was given to me by another teacher!! This window also now sports blinds. It didn’t yesterday 🙂

I (try to) run a tight ship. These are my class procedures.

Have I mentioned how glad I am that tomorrow is Friday???  AND… bonus!!  Monday is a holiday!!!


4 Responses to “One day short of a full week of school… yay Friday!!”

  1. Cindy Gottlieb August 31, 2012 at 1:30 am #

    I love those kids. They are awesome! I have to say, though, my favorite part of your command center is your hot pink chair!! I want one!! I miss you so much.

    • elizabelle01 August 31, 2012 at 3:06 am #

      Miss you too, friend!!! Yeah, my chair is pretty clutch!! I loooove it too!

  2. Waltonart August 31, 2012 at 2:51 am #

    Your room looks great! And the colored cart thing is truly awesome! I keep looking at those and thinking they are too expensive for me to purchase, but would totally fit with what I am doing this year….. and really…… I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blueish wall…. soooooooooo much better than an entire wall of GREEN! Good idea on taking notes on your students. We need reminders I think. I had all but 3 turn in homework today. 🙂

    • elizabelle01 August 31, 2012 at 3:05 am #

      It was on sale at Michaels during tax free weekend!! I have wanted one ever since I saw lesli’s several years ago. I think that’s why I love much!!!

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