The many sides of Carter

2 Aug

Truth be told I did not actually get around to Carter’s interview.  There was a LOT going on there at the end.  But I wanted to tell you about him.  Like all of the kids he is his own little person and is so different from his brothers and sisters.  So here we go….

Carter is, in so many ways, your average 7 year old boy.  He likes to build forts out of the sofa cushions and practice his Olympic long jump by leaping back and forth over the kitchen floor mats.  He is good at math and loves to read.  He is a messy eater and barely takes a breath while shoveling food into his mouth.  But here are some things that I LOOOOVE about Carter.

-He loves to sing.  He sings all the time.  He sings in the car, he sings in the bathroom, he sings at the dinner table.  He really likes worship songs.

-he is usually the first kid (Other than Clark) up in the morning.  He gets dressed without being asked and then sneaks downstairs like a ninja (that you totally see….) to try and scare you.

-When he is bored he’ll go empty the dishwasher just so that he has something to do.  Not even kidding.

-He faithfully lifts Clark and his carrier into the seat in the car every single time and then sits next to the baby and entertains him.

-When I am sitting on the couch he will slowly slide over to me and hold my hand.

-He takes care of his younger siblings.  He reads to Abie and Lydia and probably even Clark.

-He has been taking swim lessons and has become so confident in the water.

He helps, daily, with the laundry.  With  a 7-person family there is a LOT of laundry!!

What a great kid!!

the casual position says, “yeah, I’m sitting on a fence rail. I’m totes comfy!”


Yep, that looks about right 🙂



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