The life and times of Kaylee Sue

28 Jul

Well, this is a bit out of order.  Technically Carter should have been next, but he was watching a movie when I wanted to do the interview.  Also, and this is really funny, Kaylee’s big tow just got caught in Lydia’s hair.  It is completely off topic, but it’s hilarious and was a point in favor of getting them in to the bathroom to wash and CONDITION their hair.


How old are you?

uh… 8


What’s the best birthday present you ever got?

not sure


Ok, well what about the best present you ever got period?

Going to Disney on Ice


Do you like being the oldest?



When do you not like it?

well, I have more chores to do


Yeah, that stinks.  When do you like it?

When I get to stay up later and go places


Hey, you’ll get to drive first!

yeah and get my ears pierced first

Oh, well let me tell you about your mommy getting her ears pierced…. I had to wait until I was 10, but she got hers done 6 months later when she was 7 1/2.  But I’m not still bitter or anything.

(Blank stare

What’s your favorite color?



Any specific shade?

light pink


What’s your favorite food?

(loooooong pause) desserts and bread


What do you want to be when you grow up?

a teacher


What level or grade?

I want to be the kind where the kids don’t have different teachers for every class


Oh, you mean like elementary school?

yeah like 2nd grade.  Or maybe 3rd.  But not older.


how long are these interviews

As long as I want…. I’m asking questions!!


Do you hope the new baby is a boy or a girl?

girl, I don’t even have to think about it



A girl would even things out.  Also, that way the boys don’t get the big room!


If it’s a girl what name do you like?

I like Mary and Elizabeth.  I like Elizabeth a lot


What boy names do you like?

Jacob maybe.  A Bible name basically


How about Nebuchadnezzar?  That’s a Bible name.

No.  Not that type of name.  Joseph or Joshua would be better.


Lydia, what else should I ask Kaylee?


L: favorite thing about mommy

taking car of us


What’s your favorite thing about daddy?

working and providing for us


If the house was on fire, what three things would you grab?

blanket, clothes and food.  I’ll drink out of a spring or something


Who is the loudest in your family?



Who is the quietest in the family?



What do you think Lydia should be when she grows up?



Like at Disney?

No, she’ll play the Dora part in movies


If you are going to be the president what are some important things that you should be?

trustworthy, brave and courageous, kind


What do you think about the Olympics so far?

I like them, especially the opening ceremony


What event do you want to see most?

Gymnastics and soccer.  But I can’t decide which one I like better


(Lydia is sitting in with us trying to steal attention… which I guess she just did…. Kaylee is letting me know that Lydi is crazy)


What is your favorite movie?

well, this is not a movie, but I really like Little House on the Prairie.  Oh, and the  Prince of Egypt


I really like those too!! 

Should we stop before Lydia goes bananas?

Just don’t talk about her…. That’s why she shouldn’t be in my interview.  


That’s a good point.

I think we should kick her out


Of the family?

no just out of the room



Just look at this lovely girl!! At the Blue Bell factory last March.


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