Sassy Lydia rocks the interview

27 Jul

Along with my groundbreaking interview with Abraham yesterday I also interviewed Lydia.  She is hilarious and I am never quite sure what she is going to say next.  She is a sweetheart of a girl and I have called her Lydi-Lou since I first met her…. sometimes I call her Lydi-Loudles.  She doesn’t like that as much.  She also answers to Girly-Girl, Lady-Bug and Cutie-Girl.  She does NOT like to be called Buddy.  That is reserved for the boys.


Hey Lyds, how old are you?

Ugh, you already know that Aunt KK

I know, but this is an interview and this was my first question.

Ok, I am 5.

What is your favorite color?

why do you keep asking me things you already know?

Ok, of you answer this I won’t ask you anything else that I already know the answer to.

(sigh), it’s yellow

Why is that your favorite color?

because that’s the color of the sun and it’s light

 What is your favorite food?

corn, because it’s yellow!!!

What is your favorite pretend character?

You said you weren’t going to ask me any more questions that you already know.

I know, this is the last one.


What do you want to be when you grow up?

a mommy because you take care of kids

What is the best thing about your Daddy’s job?

save people from danger

What is your favorite thing about  your mommy?

She takes care of me

What is your favorite thing about your brothers and sisters?

they play with me

What is your favorite dessert?

yellow cake and rainbow cookies

How old do you think I am?


(good answer) 

What is your favorite thing about me?

spending the night at your apartment

What is your favorite sport?

soccer because your get to kick things

If there was a fire in your house and you only had time to grab three things, what would you grab?

water, food and a sleeping bag.  Also a  tent and a flashlight and some clothes

Okay, that was more than three things.

I know.

What are your favorite things to spell by yourself?

Dora, Lydia and Aunt KK because that’s all I can spell

What is your favorite outfit?

this dress

But I didn’t get that dress for you!

Oh, I mean my other blue dress.  Not the yellow one like Kaylee’s blue dress, the other blue dress.  Not the one with the zipper, the other one.  You know?  The dress with the buttons?

Yeah, I know exactly what you mean!

Am I done now?

Yeah, go play!

Lydi with her new baby brother!


Obviously, spaghetti can be a teensy bit messy!



Rockin’ the Disney Princess nighty!





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