“Bye sweetie, have fun at college!”

21 Jul

“She sat on a bench in the dorm lobby waiting for the tour guide to take her back down to the car.  As she waited she looked around at the rooms around here.  These rooms were full of girls and boys who had started to talk to one another.  They were milling around in the halls, some were returning from the dining hall.  She sighed as she looked at the rooms, the names of the occupants outside the door reminding herself that she needed to remind her girl that she may have to share the television and the bathroom.  Her roommates may want to watch shows that her girl did not enjoy.  Maybe they would be night owls to her girl’s morning bird.  She sat there, a pang of anxiety hitting her.  She had to let go sometime and this was a situation in which she really needed to let her girl go do her thing.   The tour guide was coming toward her.  She took a deep breath before walking back out to the car to help escort her girl to the next chapter.”


This is the story of a mom dropping off her daughter at college, right?


This was me this afternoon dropping my mom of at rehab.  I seriously sat there waiting for the PCA (nurse’s assistant type person) to get a wheelchair and walk to get my mom out of the car.  I seriously sat there wondering if my mom’s dreams of watching the Olympics starting next week were going down the drain (and if you think I am a huge Olympics fan, you ain’t seen NOTHING till you’ve seen my mama!).  I was looking at the other rooms with 3 names on the outside hoping that my mom would like her roommates, hoping that she would like the food and would be safe getting to and from the cafeteria.  I swear I felt like her mother dropping her off at college.  Anyway, when we got to the room we realized that unless they plan on putting several people into her twin sized hospital bed, she has a single!!  YAY!  So I stuck around long enough to help her unpack and organize her things, I made sure she knew where everything was, I made sure she was somewhat settled in and then I drove away.  Until tomorrow at least 🙂

Let the caretaker/cared for role reversal begin!!


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