Three Things Thursday

20 Jul

Well, there’s a lot going on in my head tonight.  It’s been a trying week.  It’s been an eye-opening week.  As you know, on Sunday night my mom broke her hip and then had surgery on Monday afternoon.  It went so well; she was up the very next morning starting to move around.  Today she walked probably about 100 feet all together with a walker.  She is SO ready to go to the rehab center and hopefully she will tomorrow.  I am so proud of how strong and determined my mom is being.

That being said, I’ve been really overwhelmed.  It’s hard being the only family member helping to make decisions.  My mom is so sweet and she she doesn’t always stand up for herself the way she needs to.  She doesn’t want to disturb her nurses or she doesn’t want her guests to feel like they need to go, even when she is tired.  So I have to be the bad guy.  A lot of it is the stress of this experience, some of it is just the way she is.  Regardless, it’s really hard to do this alone.  I try to steer clear of this topic most of the time, but I have been missing the invisible husband by my side, supporting me as I support my mom.   And I know that so many of you have offered to help in whatever way, but the things I wish I had help with are things I have to do alone.  That’s just the way it is.

Enough of that…. today is Three Things Thursday!  So here are three things that have offered shining light in midst of this tough week.

1. My mom is such a trooper.  She asks for opportunities above and beyond what the physical therapist gives her every day.  She is completely ready to get out of Methodist West Houston Hospital and live it up at Katy Rehab.  The nurses all love her to pieces and talk about how easy she is for them to serve.

2. I am so thankful for my dear friends at Bible Study every Wednesday night who are supportive in ways that I never imagined.  The way they listened to me and have prayed for our family this week has been great. Also my good friend Jessica got me out for dinner for tonight and that is always a good time. You never know when you’re going to have to dole out fashion advice to a mom and daughter team of strapless dresses with bra straps hanging out.  Obviously Jess and I were dressed as though we were going to a magazine shoot later.  Or not.  Whatever.

3. This is the weekend of sweet babies.  My good friend Marisa Ortiz turned 1 last Saturday and her parents are letting her throw a raging party Saturday evening.  Then on Monday I get to go see the sweetest 7 month old on the planet and his brothers and sisters.  And maybe his mom and dad.   While all this is going on, my mom’s friends from church will be making sure my mom doesn’t have too much time on her hands!

Ok, kids!  I am headed for bed.  Have a fabulous Friday everyone!!


One Response to “Three Things Thursday”

  1. Jessica Vaughn July 20, 2012 at 3:12 am #

    One thing to scratch off the bucket list! I made your blog!!!! I’ve been shamelessly hoping something great would happen and I’d get a mention/shout out!

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