Things that make you feel like a real grown up

16 Jul

1. Paying your mortgage.  It isn’t necessarily fun, but I promise there is a difference in the way it feels to pay a mortgage as opposed to rent.

2. Planning your best friend’s 40th birthday party…. and knowing that yours isn’t terribly far behind.

3. Mentally preparing yourself for your 20 year high school reunion which will be happening in less than a year.  YIKES!

4. Sitting in a surgical waiting room while a very cute capable doctor performs an operation on your mom…. because she broke her hip.


Guess which one of those is happening right now?  Le Sigh.

Here are the answers to your questions:

She was reaching down for the small bag of trash in her bedroom and lost her balance.

This happened last evening around 7:30

She is having a partial hip replacement surgery which totally has a fancier name, but I keep forgetting it.

She is otherwise doing really well; is in great spirits and has been very calm.

I’m fine.  Yes, I PROMISE to call if I need anything and I thank you in advance for not only offering, but for really meaning it 🙂  I have AMAZING friends!


One Response to “Things that make you feel like a real grown up”

  1. Tamara July 16, 2012 at 10:16 pm #

    Please give Mama Dot our love! So glad she has someone as great as you to care for her! You’re a wonderful daughter and friend.

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