Three Things Thursday

13 Jul

Hi.  If you are looking for me in Houston right now, you are totes out of luck.  I am currently sitting in a gorgeous house that overlooks Lake LBJ in Marble Falls, TX.  My good pal Tamara has a hook-up through her husband’s family and she comes every year to work on her curriculum for home schooling the coming year.  This year she invited me to come since she knew that I was really trying to finish the book.  Also hanging with us this weekend is Liz, another homeschool mom.  So far we have eaten dinner, gone grocery shopping, made “Texas caviar” dip, made some sangria and sat around.  We are getting SO much done!!!

Seriously, we’re going to start working on our various projects first thing tomorrow.

About 6 weeks ago or something I wrote a “Three Things Thursday” about my 3 goals for the summer.  One was finishing the book.  Hopefully, that will really and truly happen by Saturday night.  We’ll see.  Another was eating better and exercising more.  I’m fairly certain that I have made a good stab at that.  But the one I am the most proud of is something that was a HUGE goal for me; to spend time with my friends.  Now, I know that last week I wrote about my 3 day exile in my condo that ended in discussion about Dawson’s Creek and 90’s music.  I think we can all agree it was a little strange…. it’s cool.  I can handle strange :).  Other than that, rarely a day has gone by that I have not spent any time with friends.  Most days I have multiple appointments:  breakfast with Kyle, swimming with Julie and Marisa, coffee with Rachael.  That sort of thing.  I cannot even BEGIN to tell you how refreshed I am feeling.  I am fairly social at school, but on my down time I had gotten pretty bad about getting out and meeting friends.  This summer has been eye-opening.  It has also made me brave.  One of these days I am going to tell you about the other major changes that I made this summer.  Don’t worry, I’m not like, becoming a dude or anything…. seriously, I feel like this summer has been a constant refilling of my painfully low friend tank.  I know it is in large part because I don’t really have other responsibilities; the lesson plans and volleyball practices and faculty meetings and paper grading.  But to be fair, I am making more of an effort, and in turn my friends are making that effort right back.  I have some thoughts on how to facilitate continuing some of these things even after school starts.  I am hopeful…

Tune in to find out if the book gets done this weekend.  I might spontaneously combust with excitement if I manage to finish this thing!!!


One Response to “Three Things Thursday”

  1. Lindsey July 13, 2012 at 3:40 am #

    I’m glad you’re not becoming a guy. I’d totally support any choice you made, but still. I like you being girly on occasion. I’ve yet to meet anyone else who understands the need for brightly colored, glow in the dark sunglasses.

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