Magic Dreams

9 Jul

As you can imagine if you know me at all, my active imagination is not limited to waking hours.  Nope.  I have insanely hilarious dreams.  I also have somewhat terrifying dreams at times.  Most I don’t remember, even when I try to recapture them as soon as I have awakened.  Some though, stay with me all day long; often impacting the way I view the day.  A few have resonated enough that I remember them years down the line.

The first dream I remember having was when I was 5 years old.  I had had bladder surgery and was in and out of wakefulness in the recovery room.  I very distinctly remember dreaming about Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street.  I also distinctly remember that there was a little boy across the room from me, also in recovery and he wouldn’t stop crying.  At the time I thought they were doing surgery on him and forgot to give him the mask that makes you sleepy (aka: anesthesia).

My first nightmare came when I was about 6.  It revolved around the church nursery, an elderly woman, and a bowl full of spaghetti.  When I got close she told me the spaghetti was brains and made me eat a bite.  I was scared for 3 weeks.

The first dream that really stuck with me; the first one that made me feel as though everyone in school could read the dream on my face came when I was a sophomore in high school.  Disclaimer: I was not popular in high school.  I was a geek of the worst kind because I had no idea how unpopular I was.  You need that information to put this story in the proper context.  Anyway… I had a dream that I was dating the senior captain of the wrestling team.  His name was Mike and in real life we had never exchanged a single grunt much less words or sentences.  Honestly, I had never really given him much thought at all.  I definitely  thought that other wrestlers were super-cute, but I pretty much kept my crushes to the boys I actually spoke to.  So this dream threw me for a real loop.  Why on earth had I had this dream about Mike?  What did it mean?  Was I focusing my crush efforts on the wrong people?  Did he really drive a black coupe like he did in my dream?  Did he have a secret crush on me?  Was he stalking me?  Should I tell someone or like, watch my back or whatever?  Was he a Christian?  Where did he go to church? Was he at “See you at the pole” last fall?  Clearly I needed to be medicated   to be given a wake up call    some closure.  That came like a cold slap in the face when I realized that Mike had been dating a cheerleader for the past month.

My senior year in college my very good friend Monica would stay in my room most Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday nights because unlike her super-noisy roommates, she did not have an 8:00 AM class M, W, F.  Monica is not what one would call a morning person.  It’s more like you risk losing a limb or an eye or a ponytail if you wake her before about 10:00.  Or at least in college…. she has almost 3 kids now.  I’m betting she’s slightly better about the early mornings 🙂  S0, on 2 occasions that I remember well (and possibly more that I have since forgotten) I woke up laughing so hard I almost fell out of bed.  Monica would wake up and wonder what on earth I was endangering my life for and I would tell her and we would laugh so hard we couldn’t breathe.  To actually tell you about the dreams would be pointless or would require SOOOOO much back story that you don’t have time for.  The cast of my dreams were the real life characters that I spent my senior year with.  Ugh, with whom I spent my senior year (grammar, I have a love/hate relationship with you!).  And you would have to know our inside jokes…. whatever.  Trust me.  They provided laughter for the following 3 years while we established ourselves in Houston.

I teach in a rough school.  It isn’t like, metal detectors at all the doors and drug deals going down in the classrooms…. I mean it isn’t like Stand and Deliver or Freedom Writers (and in turn I am so not Jaime Escalante or Erin Gruwell), but it is rough.  One night, I think in the spring of 2009 I had a dream that I had gotten angry at a kid and threw a pencil at him.  It struck him lead first in the cheek before falling to the ground.  The entire classroom went silent and then the bell rang.  I went immediately to my desk and started packing my things because I knew I was about to get totally fired.  I was numb, but I was also terrified because who was going to hire me now?  I had just thrown away my entire teaching career because I was mad.  Even knowing it was a dream, I cried and cried all throughout my shower and getting dressed.  It scared me so badly.  You better believe I was on my very best behavior for weeks after that!!

My sister and I are close.  However this is a little freaky.  One night I had a dream that I was 17 and pregnant.  I don’t remember much from the dream except being like, 5 months along and I still hadn’t told anyone; not even my family.  I would put my hands on my stomach and know that I had to do something, I had to tell someone, I had to figure out what I was going to do.  The dream was so real that when I woke up the next day I literally had to sit there and think about whether or not this had really happened to me.  I remember thinking, “Did I just suppress the memory?  Was I really pregnant and somehow blocked it out?”  It was like I could remember what it felt like to be the only one who knew that I had a little life growing inside of me.  Even know, over a year later I can remember exactly how I felt, as though I really DID go through all that.  Now, for the record I have never been pregnant in my entire life.  I had this dream on a Saturday night.  On Sunday morning Teresa told me she was pregnant with Clark.  Not. Even. Kidding.

There’s one about getting married.  I was in my mid-20’s and he had given me the perfect ring.  The part of the dream I remember the best, and the part that has stayed with me was right after we left the reception in his car; really and truly on our own for the first time since we became man and wife and the conversation that we had on the way to the hotel.  It was sweet and to my 25 year old mind pretty much exactly how I wanted things to go. Alas, the groom in my dream has long since married another.

About 6 months after my dad died I had a dream I was graduating from something (I don’t know….) and my dad showed up looking just the same as he always did, but he was walking weirdly.  When I asked him about it he said that in Heaven he had a new body and his old body just didn’t fit well anymore, but wearing his old body was part of the deal he made with God to come back for my random graduation.  That in and of itself is a pretty interesting dream, but it gets better.  When Teresa realized he came back for my inexplicable graduation she threw like 7 flower pots on the ground because she was so mad that he didn’t come back for her wedding.


See people, I have to write.  I can’t keep all this crazy in my brain.



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