Random Musings on a Saturday Night that are either really deep or supremely shallow depending on your point of view.

8 Jul

So, a LOT of my friends are now or have been out of town this week.  Therefore I have had a LOT of time to myself.  I may or may not have left the house for the first time this evening since Wednesday….

-When push comes to shove (or I am in my self-imposed exile) it is pretty amazing what I can make in the kitchen 🙂  Crispy Onion crusted chicken breasts?  Yep.  A single serve deep-dish chocolate chip cookie that I got from a friend on facebook?  Yep.  Steamed Vegetables?  Um, yeah.  I’m not a kitchen idiot?

-We’ve discussed before my love of television.  There are a few shows that really resonate.  For instance, I love Mad Men and Modern Family, but I don’t really identify with any of the characters.  Nothing about those shows makes me really think, “I wish I knew these people and was friends with them”.  I was thinking about it this evening on my way to Chik-Fil-A (what?  I love the Original Chicken Sandwich).  I asked myself the question (aloud, because I can…) “So what shows fall into the ‘resonate’ category?”  I came up with the following: One Tree Hill, because I feel like we could really be friends, Dawson’s Creek because Joey and Pacey will forever be my favorite tv couple, American Dreams (which you probably have never heard of… google it) because those were the carefree 60’s that sometimes make me wish I was born 25 years earlier and Little House of the Prairie because I will always love Melissa Gilbert as Laura Ingalls Wilder and will always have the 14 year old desire to marry Jonathan Laborteaux.  For what it’s worth I’ve been on a Dawson’s Creek season 4-5 marathon for the past 3 days.

-A good, summer read + a rainy day = perfection

-Once I left the aforementioned Chik-Fil-A I was done talking to myself about television so I turned on the radio and was met with an apparent 90’s flashback.  YAY!!  I have no idea how long this had been going on, but I rocked out to “I Wanna Be Rich” by Calloway, “Everything I do, I do it for you” by Bryan Adams, “500 miles” by the Proclaimers and “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio.  And just like that I was thrust backward 20 years to the summers of my high school days.  It’s crazy how you can go years and years without hearing something and still remember every word.  I remember when Robin Hood came out (and when Kevin Costner was like, the hottest thing on the planet and you know, relevant) and every one in the world (or rather, in my circle of friends) just lost their minds over this song…. ah, memories. It actually made me feel really nostalgic and ponder how on earth my heart still feels 16 years old….

-last thought.   16 days until I get to hang out with the five cutest people on the planet and their parents.  Quintuple YAY!!!


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