Three Things Thursday

22 Jun

These are three things to do on a rainy summer day when you also don’t really want to spend money so you just stay at home even if it means you don’t get your requisite human interaction for the day.  This may or may not have been a real life scenario yesterday…

1. Discover that your Amazon Prime membership allows you to watch Ally McBeal reruns that you haven’t seen in a hundred years.  Proceed to watch 2.5 episodes.  This also allows you to take a break from watching Dawson’s Creek reruns on Netflix. Wonder how we did not know how stupid our clothing, specifically our shoes looked back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.  Seriously, what were we thinking?  Hmmmm.  That may be a good post….

2. Get sucked into the vortex that is the Olympic trials.  Proceed to watch 3 hours of men’s platform diving.  DIscover that although David Boudia and Mark McCrary will probably represent the US in the men’s 10 meter, you find yourself rooting for Thomas Finchum.  This may lead to questions such as, “Do they ever hit their heads on the platform when they don’t jump out far enough?” and “Do they ever land in such a funny way that their speedos fall off?”.

3. Realize as you are reading her memoirs that if you are Mindy Kaling were introduced, you would probably be very good friends.  Wrack you brain trying to come up with a legitimate way to meet Mindy Kaling.  Price flights and hotels online “on a whim” to Los Angeles.  Realize that’s ridiculous and price bus routes to Chicago instead.  Because that’s more realistic.  


Wednesday was pretty enlightening.  I was SUPER happy to have plans today 🙂


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