Ties and Baseball

17 Jun

I miss buying ties.  I really do.  I used to LOVE finding ties that my dad would like.  Usually I did pretty well.  He wore ties a lot.  Almost every weekday and Sunday he would put on a tie, so having many (like probably close to 40 when he died) wasn’t a ridiculous notion.  

I had a gift bag that I basically reused every year.  It, coincidentally, had a ribbon-woven tie on the front of it.  Every June (and again in July for his birthday) I would take out the bag and put whatever gift I had bought into the bag and present it to him, usually, at Texas Land and Cattle where he, my mom and I would be having lunch.  However, there was one year that was notably different….

First, some background: In October of 2004 I was invited to an Astros game.  I wasn’t particularly into baseball, but the guy had good seats, the people going were people that I wanted to get to know better and it wasn’t as though I hated baseball… I never saw the bandwagon coming, but it scooped me up and I have been firmly rooted to my spot on said bandwagon ever since.  The more I got into it, the more my dad got into it also.  In 2006 I bought our first pair of Opening Day tickets and thus a tradition was born.  We went every year after that.  2010 was our last one.  My dad was so committed to our tradition that he purposely scheduled his Pacemaker maintenance surgery the day AFTER Opening Day so that it wouldn’t interfere.  


This was taken in 2008 in my very most favorite seats in the whole ballpark!! Crawford Boxes in the 104 section. YAY!!

In 2007 I decided to change things up a little for Father’s Day.  Like this year, FD was on June 17.  Problem: the Astros were away that day.  Hmmmmm.  We couldn’t go on the 10th because that was the Inaugural Sunday at our new church building and Teresa and I were singing.  So, June 3 became the answer.  I bought tickets for my dad and my mom as well as myself.  Field Box tickets.  Up until that point these were the best seats I had even been in.  

Seeing how much my dad loved going to games; the batting practice, the National Anthem, the line up- it always made me wish that we had started the tradition sooner.  Regardless, I am so glad for the opportunities he and I had to share our love of baseball like that.  I have a panoramic shot of Minute Maid Park at the start of the very first World Series game ever played in Texas back in 2005.  Of course we lost, but that is so not the point.  In the bottom corners I have 2 ticket stubs.


The “Father’s Day” game, 2007


Our very last Opening Day, 2010

My tendancy to keep anything with sentimental value paid off big with those two 🙂



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