Day 1 in DC…. “The plane farted!”

4 Jun

Here is a photo journal of day 1!! 


Waiting to get on the plane. It’s like, 6:15 in this picture.


Leticia and Heidy about to board. Leticia’s expressions is not indicative of her actual enthusiasm…



Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial. We know no one that is actually in the picture.



Korean War Memorial



More Korean War Memorial



Our group at the Lincoln Memorial



My FAVORITE shot at the Iwo Jima Memorial (US Marine Corps).



You know you aren’t surprised.



The most decorated soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.



Dinner at the World Famous Ben’s Chili Bowl. YUM!



To close out, I leave you with this awesome picture of some hair so big, Texas needed to buy some more land…

Also, the title comes from this morning.  We were just about to pull away from the jetway.  The wheels made this squeaky scraping noise and although I think we were all thinking it, one of the girls kind of giggled and said, “the plane farted.”  It was rather hilarious and it loosened up some of the kids who were sort of nervous.  

See you all tomorrow!!



One Response to “Day 1 in DC…. “The plane farted!””

  1. Stephanie June 4, 2012 at 2:45 am #

    so very cool! It looks like you have an amazing group of kiddos with you too!!!! Can’t wait to see more! Have any of them been there before or on an airplane before?

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