Possible Reasons I haven’t blogged in a week….

2 Jun

-my fingers were cut off in a freak lumberjack accident and the hospital sewed them on backwards

-I had a temporary case of amnesia after I hit my head on the ceiling fan whilst I was jumping on the bed

-The police confiscated it in connection with the meth lab next door

-I’ve been filming the 5th Mission Impossible movie with Tom Cruise.  Incidentally, Katie Holmes says hi!

-My palm reader told me to avoid my laptop this week

-Finals and packing kicked my butt so hard that I couldn’t sit down.  And typing while standing is HARD!


Never fear.  I will be up in the freaking middle of the night (3:30 AM.  gross.) to make my 6:25 AM flight to Washington, DC with the kids!  So expect an update each evening… or that’s the plan 🙂


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