Top Ten Tuesday

23 May

Top Ten things I just don’t get….


10.  Image

Family Guy- Actually this goes along with The Simpsons, Bevis and Butthead, South Park and all the other grown up cartoons.  WHY on earth do we need grown up cartoons?  We are grown ups!!  And these cartoons are crass and stupid!


9. Image

Nutella- It’s weird and I don’t like the way it tastes, but all of a sudden it is the “Only” thing that’s acceptable to put on toast.  Bring on the strawberry jelly, yo!


8.  Image

These are the ugliest shoes I have ever seen!  First of all they are supposed to be dressy, but they’re boots.  And they are ankle height.  Does not compute.  On top of those things they have peep toes.  WTH???


7. Image

Ok, I can get on board with twitter even though I NEVER use it.  However, I LOATHE the constant hashtags on facebook where they mean NOTHING.  #Seriously. #This. #does. #nothing. #on. #facebook.  And while we’re at it, can we stop saying “That awkward moment when….”and follow it with something that is funny or ugly, but NOT AWKWARD???  Seriously!


6. Image

I’m sorry if you like golf, but I think it is the most boring game ever to be called a sport.


5. Image

Who on earth actually needs this much crap on their bed?  Seriously?  Who thought up the concept of placing 37 decorative pillows on a bed?  


4. Image

Ok fine.  So math I actually use in my daily life.  THIS is not that kind of math.  I don’t get why we need this.  I do think it’s amusing that as I write this I am watching The Big Bang Theory.  They would mock me incessantly for my opinions about algebra 🙂


3. Image

Please don’t hate me.  I just don’t get the hype.  Yes, I saw all three movies.  However I actually slept through part of the third one.  


2.  Image

I know, I’m on a roll with some of you.  But I don’t get the hype with Adele.  I don’t really like her voice and quite frankly I think her songs sound whiny and pretty much what you would expect from someone in their early 20’s.  But I LOOOOOVE Taylor Swift.  I’m not eve going to try and explain that one.


1. Image

Seriously?  Has this trend not been going on for long enough?  PICK UP YOUR STUPID PANTS!!!  No one wants to see your stupid plaid boxers or your mesh shorts or your (God forbid) tighty-whities!  NO ONE!  I do not understand why you think you look attractive or cool in any way.  You look RIDICULOUS!!  We make fun of you, not because we are jealous, but because you look like an idiot.  And when you belt them below your butt you give us the impression that you have lost brain cells probably to weed or too much alcohol or lack of oxygen to the brain.  Buy some pants that fit, put the belt in the right place and discover how much easier walking can be.  


End of rant.


4 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday”

  1. Cecily May 23, 2012 at 1:40 am #

    #10 and no that is not a hashtag = agree
    #9 Kallen loves that stuff so I have to buy it
    #8 gotta agree again
    #7 never have done a hashtag. Have a twitter but don’t use it.
    #6 have tried it but what is amazing is the words that come out of my mouth when I play it. Words that normally don’t get uttered. So, I and those around me are better off it I don’t play golf. I don’t mind watching it and those around me don’t mind either because THOSE words aren’t uttered.
    #5 I’m a minimalist when it comes to pillows. When I get into bed, I don’t want to have to spend time figuring out where to put all the pillows.
    #4 Math is icky
    #3 I go to see the Lord of the Rings movies because my family makes me.
    #2 Adele = YUCK. I love T Swift. She is amazing in concert!
    #1 Belts are a gift from God.

  2. Lindsey May 23, 2012 at 1:55 am #

    #PreachItSistah #ThingsIAgreeWith #MathSucks #ScienceToo 😉

  3. Jessica Vaughn May 23, 2012 at 2:46 am #

    My mom says in prison they sag to let others know they want some action! Also, I have 14 pillows and I love it! The pillow cases do not all arch though. Does that make it any better?

  4. Stephanie May 23, 2012 at 3:15 am #

    You totally made my evening… I so needed that!

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