Three Things Thursday

17 May

Today’s topic is 3 birthdays on May 17…

1. My pal Rob turns 33 today.  We have been friends for almost 13 years.  Actually, to be honest we haven’t talked for a while.  We aren’t mad at each other (as far as I know).  I think we’ve just grown apart.  We have very different lives and while I treasure the time we spent basically growing into adult-hood together, I think that maybe that chapter of my life is almost complete.  It looks depressing in writing, but I think that it’s a blessing to be able to say that while we grew apart, we have nothing but love for one another.  



2. My slightly younger, but infinitely cooler pal Hannah turns 12 today.  Hannah is the very sweet second daughter of a couple that I had the pleasure of first meeting 18 years ago.  She is a beautiful, bubbly, theatrical girl who has a smile and a hug for everyone.  Last year she invited me to her 11th birthday slumber party.  Sadly, I had a training the next morning at 8:00 so I couldn’t actually spend the night.  I am so glad to be able to call her my friend.



3. Lastly, the most spectacular baby in the entire world turns 5 months old today.  Yes folks, Clarkie is a mere 31 days away from being 1/2 a year old!!  I included this picture, despite the fact that my mom will hate it because it is such a beautiful photo.  Look at sweet Lydia with her head on Nana’s shoulder.  Sleepy Abraham still trying to wake up.  Clark, alert and completely at home on his grandmother’s lap.  And my mom, my amazing mom reading them a book, probably with more expression than you can imagine and possibly at the risk of losing her voice.  Obviously my sister took this and more than likely Carter and Kaylee were still in bed.  Or doing school work.  It’s a toss-up.  


Storytime with Nana…. Aunt KK is super-jealous!!!




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