Three Things Thursday

11 May

Today the topic is “Three things that are classically MOM”.

1. It doesn’t matter where you find cute earrings as long as they work for you.  This is something my mom found out when she shopped at Forever 21 this past winter; or as she called it, “that forever something place”.



2. This was when her sister, my Aunt Nancy got married.  Nancy and Barry Wilder celebrated 50 years of marriage last June and Mom and I were there to celebrate with all of the Wilders.  I’ve added other pictures so that those of you unfamiliar can see where I come from.




Mom and her siblings, Nancy and Harold


Nancy’s husband Barry and their oldest, Lori


Lori’s daughter Sarah and me…. we’re both a little sassy 🙂

Unfortunately, there are many other family members that I somehow can’t seem to find the pictures of… but this is a start.  I am thankful that my mom and her sister are close and that she and I could be a part of my aunt and uncle’s special day!!

3.  This is more a story.  My mom says the funniest things sometimes.  Teresa and I love to tease her about her silliness.  The best was when she was serving dessert one time.  She came into the dining room and said, “I was going to make a chocolate cake, but I couldn’t find the square pan.”  Read it again and you’ll see why it’s funny.  


Now there was a very good back story that had to do with making a bundt cake and preferring to use angel food or something and then she ended up making a yellow cake.  It was a long story.  A LOOOOOOOOONG story.  It was an intricate thought process….that devolved into “I was going to make a chocolate cake, but I couldn’t find a square pan.”  That, along with the Hobby airport story(ies…) is my most favorite.  Regardless, she is still a gem and I don’t know what I would do without her!!


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