Mommyhood… the Early Years

7 May

When I was born, we lived in the Chesapeake area of Maryland.  My parents ran a camp during the summer and it was their home base during the school year while they went around and did Missionary conferences and 5-day clubs.  This was taken at the camp.  Of the three of us, I think my mom looks the best.  The look on my face can only be attributed to the unfortunate situation that is my dad’s slacks.  Yes slacks; they are too ugly to be called anything else.  But seriously, look how cute my mom is!!!!



Just to prove that my dad didn’t always look like that, here is exhibit B.  Note that my mom STILL looks fresh as a daisy.  I, too, am looking less awkward 🙂



It wasn’t too long until I received the best “toy” a little girl could ever get.  An adorable baby sibling.  And God answered my prayers when he made that sibling a girl.  Introducing Teresa Louise Clark…



Mom was always so good with kids.  Always.  So it stood to reason that she would be a great mommy.  Her one downfall was the haircuts she allowed to be done to her children.  Teresa had a similar one when she was 2ish and again when she was 6.  Since she is not here to defend herself, I will not be posting any of her.  But here.  Christmas, probably 1978.  Oh my goodness.  Please not that HER hair is picture perfect as always!



This is the first family prayer card picture I remember being taken.  Seriously woman?  How was your hair always this perfect??  You look lovely, mom!!  I loved the dress that I am wearing and begged to wear it looooong after I had outgrown it.  Also, if you look at Teresa and then at Clarkie’s pictues you will see that they are practically identical 🙂  



Clearly I forgave my mom for the bad haircuts…. 2 months before I turned 5 my dad went on a trip to Europe and he brought back some wool material.  My mom made me an adorable plaid jumper.  It is sitting just to left of us.  I was SOOOO thrilled with my new dress.  I remember throwing my arms around my mom and being so thankful that she made it for me!



Obviously I have a great love of books.  Here is my mom reading to us.  People tend to think that I am the goofball of the family.  I give you exhibit G to prove that Teresa sometimes wore that crown.  Also I am convinced that my mom never had a bad hair day from 1968-1985.  I could be wrong, but I know that this was fairly spontaneous and just look at it!!!



Mom supported (and still supports) our plays, musicals, and recitals.  More often than not she made our costume or our dress.  I can’t even begin to count the number of dresses she made us.  In fact my favorite dresses right now were made by my mom.  I get compliments on then all the time and I take great pride in telling people that my mom made my dress.  Here I was a pilgrim.  From the date on the back it was the fall of 2nd grade.  Teresa was 4.  That was my very first bedspread.  Currently Teresa has it in Ohio, but I love that almost 30 years later it is still in our family!!  Annnnnd once again, she has perfect hair.  



Tune in tomorrow for a VERY SPECIAL Top Ten Tuesday!!!!


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