2 May

If you put a person on a pedestal and it starts to crumble, do you re-build the pedestal for them or do you help them down and require them to help you rebuild the pedestal?  Or do you take secret option C and just forego the pedestal altogether?  

So then what do you do when the pedestal stance is out of your hands and you are merely watching the building process from afar?

How do we teach kids about the downfalls of being built up, the devastation of being torn down and the blessing of the opportunity to rebuild?  

How do we teach kids that if they are going to put people on pedestals, they need to make sure that that person is worthy of the pedestal?  How do we teach them that the pedestal should be a place of honor for those who contribute positively to the community and not those who choose to tear down our community? 

Thoughts that I have today… 🙂


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