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Three Things Thursday

25 May

These are the three things that made my day today.  They aren’t for everyone.  I don’t care if you mock.  I own my choices 🙂

1. Cheez-Its and Swedish Fish.  Okay, I know that these don’t really count as one item, but I don’t care.  These are the snack foods that I enjoy.  I took a baggie of each to school today to eat while the kids took their finals.  Yay!!

2.  Regular Unleaded.  I had to pick my mom up from the airport this afternoon.  I had no sooner gotten onto the beltway of doom and construction (at the top of rush hour no less…) when I realized I was sitting precariously on the razor thin fence of “how far can I drive now that the please get gas light has come on”.  I should also mention that my mom’s plane got in early, so she was already waiting for me. So I got off the beltway at 45 and stopped at the first station I came to.  Thank you, Jesus for letting me make it to the Exxon!!!

3. SYTYCD. Tonight begins my most favorite summer indulgence.  


If you’ve never seen it, you have no idea what you are missing.  Yes, it is a reality show.  But it is NOTHING like Dancing with the Stars because ya’ll, these kids can DANCE!!  Like, as in “their booties off”.  I guess if you had to compare it to something it would be American Idol, but I honestly think it’s better.  I am not going to go into it all here, but you should look it up if you want to know more.  

I’m telling you now, there will be more posts about this awesomeness throughout the summer!!


Top Ten Tuesday

23 May

Top Ten things I just don’t get….


10.  Image

Family Guy- Actually this goes along with The Simpsons, Bevis and Butthead, South Park and all the other grown up cartoons.  WHY on earth do we need grown up cartoons?  We are grown ups!!  And these cartoons are crass and stupid!


9. Image

Nutella- It’s weird and I don’t like the way it tastes, but all of a sudden it is the “Only” thing that’s acceptable to put on toast.  Bring on the strawberry jelly, yo!


8.  Image

These are the ugliest shoes I have ever seen!  First of all they are supposed to be dressy, but they’re boots.  And they are ankle height.  Does not compute.  On top of those things they have peep toes.  WTH???


7. Image

Ok, I can get on board with twitter even though I NEVER use it.  However, I LOATHE the constant hashtags on facebook where they mean NOTHING.  #Seriously. #This. #does. #nothing. #on. #facebook.  And while we’re at it, can we stop saying “That awkward moment when….”and follow it with something that is funny or ugly, but NOT AWKWARD???  Seriously!


6. Image

I’m sorry if you like golf, but I think it is the most boring game ever to be called a sport.


5. Image

Who on earth actually needs this much crap on their bed?  Seriously?  Who thought up the concept of placing 37 decorative pillows on a bed?  


4. Image

Ok fine.  So math I actually use in my daily life.  THIS is not that kind of math.  I don’t get why we need this.  I do think it’s amusing that as I write this I am watching The Big Bang Theory.  They would mock me incessantly for my opinions about algebra 🙂


3. Image

Please don’t hate me.  I just don’t get the hype.  Yes, I saw all three movies.  However I actually slept through part of the third one.  


2.  Image

I know, I’m on a roll with some of you.  But I don’t get the hype with Adele.  I don’t really like her voice and quite frankly I think her songs sound whiny and pretty much what you would expect from someone in their early 20’s.  But I LOOOOOVE Taylor Swift.  I’m not eve going to try and explain that one.


1. Image

Seriously?  Has this trend not been going on for long enough?  PICK UP YOUR STUPID PANTS!!!  No one wants to see your stupid plaid boxers or your mesh shorts or your (God forbid) tighty-whities!  NO ONE!  I do not understand why you think you look attractive or cool in any way.  You look RIDICULOUS!!  We make fun of you, not because we are jealous, but because you look like an idiot.  And when you belt them below your butt you give us the impression that you have lost brain cells probably to weed or too much alcohol or lack of oxygen to the brain.  Buy some pants that fit, put the belt in the right place and discover how much easier walking can be.  


End of rant.

A Club You Don’t Want to Belong To :(

20 May

Friday at school I found out that the father of one of my students passed away earlier this week.  I am going to call her Layla.  I also taught her brother Eric a few years ago.  When I had Eric in class the dad got really sick.  He recovered and relapsed a couple of times over the past 4 years.  This week his body had had enough and he slipped away.

When I first heard, I almost cried- right there in the hallway between third and fourth periods.  It wasn’t that I knew the family so well or anything, my heart just broke for these children whose father will never see them grow into adulthood.  He won’t be there when the kids graduate high school or college or when they get married.  I mean, it really broke my heart.  

I know that devastation.  The difference is that I was a grown adult.  Yes, 35 is still fairly young to lose a parent, but  it’s twice as long as Eric had and about 20 years longer than Layla had.  Shortly after my dad died I was having coffee with my friend Kayla who, at the time was 19.  She was just 4 when she lost her mom.  Her brothers were 9 and 12.  For me, it really put things in perspective.  I just can’t imagine losing a parent that young.  I have so much respect for people who weather that particular kind of storm at such an early age.  I actually have so many friends who lost a parent at a very early age.  I was SO blessed to have my dad with me for so long.  I will always cherish the milestones that he was there with me for.  Sure, there are a lot of things that I wish I could share with him now, I miss him every single day.  But I am so grateful for the days, weeks, months and years that I did have.  

I’m praying for Layla and Eric as well as their mom tonight.  I hope you’ll join me in that.  

Three Things Thursday

17 May

Today’s topic is 3 birthdays on May 17…

1. My pal Rob turns 33 today.  We have been friends for almost 13 years.  Actually, to be honest we haven’t talked for a while.  We aren’t mad at each other (as far as I know).  I think we’ve just grown apart.  We have very different lives and while I treasure the time we spent basically growing into adult-hood together, I think that maybe that chapter of my life is almost complete.  It looks depressing in writing, but I think that it’s a blessing to be able to say that while we grew apart, we have nothing but love for one another.  



2. My slightly younger, but infinitely cooler pal Hannah turns 12 today.  Hannah is the very sweet second daughter of a couple that I had the pleasure of first meeting 18 years ago.  She is a beautiful, bubbly, theatrical girl who has a smile and a hug for everyone.  Last year she invited me to her 11th birthday slumber party.  Sadly, I had a training the next morning at 8:00 so I couldn’t actually spend the night.  I am so glad to be able to call her my friend.



3. Lastly, the most spectacular baby in the entire world turns 5 months old today.  Yes folks, Clarkie is a mere 31 days away from being 1/2 a year old!!  I included this picture, despite the fact that my mom will hate it because it is such a beautiful photo.  Look at sweet Lydia with her head on Nana’s shoulder.  Sleepy Abraham still trying to wake up.  Clark, alert and completely at home on his grandmother’s lap.  And my mom, my amazing mom reading them a book, probably with more expression than you can imagine and possibly at the risk of losing her voice.  Obviously my sister took this and more than likely Carter and Kaylee were still in bed.  Or doing school work.  It’s a toss-up.  


Storytime with Nana…. Aunt KK is super-jealous!!!



Top 10 Tuesday

15 May

Today’s topic…

10 places I want to visit

Now, these are places I have never been.  There are plenty of places I want to see AGAIN.  Today though, is for the new and unseen by my eyeballs.

10. Alaska.  Every movie featuring Alaska makes me think that it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen!

9. Greece. Have you SEEN pictures?  It looks Amazing!

8. Morocco.  

7. San Diego.  Always wanted to see it, never have.  

6. Ireland.  All that green would look so good with my eyes…

5. Mount Rushmore.  And not even because I think there might be buried treasure… I really want to see it!

4. Hawaii.  I mean, who doesn’t want to see Hawaii??

3. Austria.  How much do I want to go on the Sound of Music tour?  SO BADLY!!

2. Praugue, Czech Republic.  The photos are lovely and I would love to see the old city!

1. Australia.  Teresa and I have both, on occasion voiced interest in seeing the land down under.  I’m hoping when I hit the big 30-10 (aka…. that dreaded 4-number.) she and I will take a sister trip there 🙂  The Great Barrier Reef, the Sydney Opera House, the Outback.  Can’t WAIT!!!

One Monday (almost) down, one to go!!

14 May

I love teaching.  I love my job.  I love the kids I teach.  I love coaching.  I love the trip to Washington DC that we are gearing up for.  

But I am so ready for summer!!  Technically, there are 2 more Mondays until school lets out, but the second one, the 28th is Memorial Day, so it’s a holiday!  

I am seriously ready for a vacation.  Of course, my vacation doesn’t REALLY start until after June 15 since the first half of June is chock-full of events and responsibilities.  But they are all things that I am very excited about.  I’ll tell you all more about my summer activities later.  

A little more immediate…. my mom is going to Ohio tomorrow to stay with Teresa and the kids for 9 days.  I’m not even going to pretend that I’m not super-jealous!  


The other mom in my life

11 May

My sister Teresa is my very best friend.  A lot of that is because our parents made family time a priority.  They also encouraged us to spend time together (as adults especially) whenever possible.  When she was asked to be a featured soloist at our high school’s last Christmas concert before they demolished the building I was there with her.  Yeah, it was fun to see old friends, but mostly it was great to support my sister in this great honor.  The following summer we went to Italy together.  When our family went on a cruise for Christmas in 2007 Teresa and I spent countless nights hanging out in our room eating molten chocolate lava cake and watching movies.  We did photoshoots on the top decks in our formal evening wear.  Two months after that I surprised her for her 30th birthday.  When she moved to Secaucus, NJ (which is just across the Hudson River from NYC) I visited her 5 times in the 2 years she lived there.  So it was a bit of a shock when she, in 3 months, went from sassy, single girl to wife and mother of 4.  I lost my best friend a little bit.  It definitely didn’t help that I also lost my dad in that whackadoodle 3 month period either.  To be honest, I felt a little lost.  But never fear, I managed to regroup and think about all the blessings I now had.  If you have learned anything about me I hope it is that I love my nieces and nephews like they were my very own.  Teresa brought those sweet little ones into our lives.  I am forever grateful!!

The first photo is what I like to call Teresa’s magazine shoot.  Seriously.  Could this picture be ANY more fabulous???  The second shot makes me tear up every time.  They were just about to roll Teresa and Clark from the delivery room to her regular hospital room.  I LOOOOOVE the look on her face.  She looks so peaceful, so happy and so beautiful!!!

Ter, I love you lots!!  Have fun with our sweet mama next week!!!  I miss you tons and can’t wait to see you later this summer!