Odds and Ends

30 Apr

Just a quick one today.  I have a few, brief thoughts:

-I hate inaccuracies in movies that are blatantly inaccurate, but you know, whatever if it moves the plot forward.  Ex: In National Treasure, Riley is filming with a video camera inside the National Archives where the Declaration of Independence is kept.  Um, sooooooo against the rules.  They are brutal about that sort of thing!!  I know from experience!

-There is nothing like the annual Children’s choir program at BridgePoint.  Every year it is fantastic.  I will say that those 6th graders ROCKED the leads in the play.  And all the kids were so cute and sang so well.  Our church has a looooooong history of great children’s choir.  The adults that run it work tirelessly and deserve any accolades they get!

-I think allergy season is lasting a lot longer this year.

-There are only 22 days of school left!  Of those 22, 5 are finals, one is 8th grade picnic, one is a field trip day, one is a day that I am off campus for school business and 2 are “personal days”.  This means that I have 12 more normal days with kids 🙂

-For all of you wondering, the Katy ISD job fair was fine.  I talked to several schools.  I know nothing right now and probably won’t until at least the end of the week.

-Mad Men was reallllllllly good last night!

Tomorrows Top 10?  I’ve been thinking about it all week long!


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