Top Ten Tuesday

24 Apr

First of all, I really have wanted to write the last 2 days.  I have a lot floating in my head…. I’m just not sure I’m ready to put it into cyberspace.  But enough of that.  Today is Top Ten Tuesday, and with no further delay I present to you….


Oh, you KNOW this is going to be good!!  I have a LOT of pictures on my phone.  These top 10 aren’t even ones that have been sent to me.  I hope you enjoy this!

10. A student asked me to sharpen his already stubby pencil.  When I was through with it, this is what remained.  Yes, he proceeded to use it all period.  No, I have no idea how…


9. One of my students told me he lost his notebook.  I had no sympathy since I was pretty sure his negligence was to blame.  So I pretended to be very concerned and made this:


8. I don’t even know where you GET a rabbit foot this big.  Nor do I really care to know….


7. Oh Dorothy.  You are a source of constant amusement….


6. Possibly THE most entertaining spelling of my name EVER….


5. This is what a perfect Saturday morning looks like 🙂Image

4. Opening Day 2012.  A Clark tradition that my dad and I started in 2006 and my friends were kind enough to help me continue in 2011 and 12!!


3. This is what my sister got me for my birthday.  The first opportunity I had to use my new set of light-up martini glasses was with my neices and nephews.  NOT an ideal drinking container for an 8 year old…  but especially unadvisable for a 3 and a half year old boy.  I mean I kind of knew it wasn’t my brightest idea, but they LOOOOOOVED the light up part!!


2. The first picture of all 5 kids!!!  This took me about 7 tries.  If you think that it was easy getting Abie to look at me and not his new baby brother, you would be sorely mistaken!


1. This was literally taken 3 minutes after he was born!  I looked at the time stamp to check.  I love my sweet nephew!!


The happiest of Tuesdays to everyone out there!!!!

Kisses XOXO


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